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Top Selling Cars of 2012

Here are the top 10:

1. Toyota Camry
• 2013 sales: 483,977
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 344,713
• Base price: $22,055
• Vehicle type: 4-door sedan, 4 cylinder

The Camry sits in the middle of the Toyota sedan model line — above the Corolla and below the Avalon in price. As is true of all high-selling models that sell hundreds of thousand of vehicles each year, the Camry comes in a number of versions. These include two hybrids, and what Toyota labels the XLE model, which comes with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that generates 268 horsepower. In August 2011 Toyota released its first redesign of the Camry in five years. However, many auto industry watchers said the company played it safe, given that the dimensions were unchanged.

2. Ford F-150
• 2013 sales: 455,305
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 351,177
• Base price: $23,670
• Vehicle type: 2-door pickup, 6 cylinder

The F-150 is the base model of Ford’s large line of pickups. The first generation of the truck was introduced in 1948. The basic F-150 XL gets 23 mpg in highway driving. Of course, as engines get bigger, gas mileage drops. The FX2 model has a 5-liter V-8, which gets only 21 mpg in highway driving. The SVT Raptor sports model has a 6.2-liter V-8, which only gets 16 mpg in highway driving. The Limited model costs over $55,000 when fully loaded with all options. The restyled Ford F-150 costs $170 more than the previous year’s model.

3. Honda Accord
• 2013 sales: 387,779
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 276,196
• Base price: $21,680
• Vehicle type: 4-door sedan, 4 cylinder

The Accord comes in both a four-door base sedan and two-door coupe. The base engine for both is a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine. The sedan has an optional 3.5-liter V-6. Honda’s full-size sedan competes against Toyota Camry and Chevrolet Malibu, both of which are on this list. Among the changes in the new Honda Accord, which went on sale in September, are a shorter length, a continuously variable transmission, and a new engine family. Honda calls it “the most sculpted and dynamic Accord ever.”

4. Nissan Altima
• 2013 sales: 358,187
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 258,663
• Base price: $21,700
• Vehicle type: 4-door, 4 cylinder

The 2013 Nissan Altima went on sale in June. It has different proportions and is more loaded with technology, although the changes aren’t massive. “It looks different, at least a bit sexier than the existing model, but its mission remains the same: attract as many mainstream car buyers as possible,” writes Greg Migliore of Autoweek. The fuel economy for the four-cylinder Altima is approximately 27 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway This goes down to 22 mpg and 301 mpg, respectively, for V-6 models.

5. Honda Civic
• 2013 sales: 357,621
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 254,716
• Base price: $15,755
• Vehicle type: 2-door coupe, 4 cylinder

The Civic is one of Honda’s lowest-priced models and comes in seven versions. The first, and least expensive, is a coupe. For slightly more money, $18,165, the Civic is available in a sedan version. As befitting the low-end model of any large manufacturer’s line, Honda offers a hybrid version, which gets 44 mpg in highway driving, as well as a natural-gas version. Fully loaded, the natural-gas version has a sticker price over $31,000. Sales of the Honda Civic have already grown from 221,235 in 2011 to 254,716 in the first 10 months of 2012. The restyled Civic is expected to come out in 2013.

6. Toyota Corolla
• 2013 sales: 333,933
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 237,844
• Base price: $16,230
• Vehicle type: 4-door sedan, 4 cylinder

The Corolla is Toyota’s low-end sedan. Part of its appeal is its 34 mpg in highway driving. Toyota markets the Corolla against the Honda Civic Sedan and Hyundai Elantra. Among its advantages over its competition are standard climate control and a CD player. Sales of the Corolla in the first 10 months of the year have already surpassed 2011′s total of 226,342. The Corolla’s most recent redesign was in 2007. Still, it was the best-selling compact car in 2011. Insiders have told Autoguide that the 2014 Toyota Corolla will be a “dramatic change.”

7. Honda CR-V
• 2013 sales: 327,955
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 233,586
• Base price: $22,695
• Vehicle type: 4-door crossover, 4 cylinder

The CR-V is Honda’s base crossover vehicle. Its small 185-horsepower engine gets 31 mpg in highway driving. The CR-V comes in six versions, which include relatively standard options, such as all-wheel drive. The high end EX-L has a satellite navigation system and a base price of $30,195. The 2012 model, which went on sale in June 2011, included cutting-edge technology features, such as a standard Pandora radio interface and a text-messaging feature that reads messages and allows people to choose one of six automated replies.

8. Ford Fusion
• 2013 sales: 290,424
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 206,855
• Base price: $21,700
• Vehicle type: 4-door sedan, 4 cylinder

The Fusion is Ford’s midsize sedan and comes in four models. The base Fusion gets 34 mpg in highway driving. For consumers more interested in an environmentally friendly car, the Fusion Hybrid gets 47 mpg on the highway. The highest-priced Fusion Titanium AWD costs $36,550 fully loaded, nearly twice as much as the base model. With its 2013 Fusion, Ford became the first car company “to offer a sedan with gasoline, hybrid and plug-in power trains that the automaker expects to result in “a triple crown of best-in-class gas, hybrid [and] plug-in efficiency,” according to Car Connection.

9. Chevy Silverado 1500
• 2013 sales: 282,627
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 248,533
• Base price: $22,595
• Vehicle type: 2-door pickup, 6 cylinder

The Silverado is the midpriced model among Chevy’s pickups, between the $17,474 Colorado and $35,980 Avalanche. Chevy offers three other versions of the Silverado, which are priced well above the 1500 — a hybrid, the 2500 HD, which has a 395-horsepower engine, and the six-wheel 3500 HD. As with many pickups, the 1500 comes in both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models. The 2014 Chevy Silverado will debut Dec.13 and will be featured at the Detroit auto show in January, although no major details about the truck have been released.

10. Ford Escape
• 2013 sales: 273,846
• Year-to-date 2012 sales: 219,907
• Base price: $22,470
• Vehicle type: 4-door SUV, 4 cylinder

The Escape is the entry model of Ford’s SUV/crossover line. It weighs 3,500 pounds, carries up to five people and gets 33 mpg in highway driving. At the other end of the Ford SUV range is the Expedition, which can carry up to eight people, weigh as much as 6,000 pounds and be priced as high as $49,525, getting an average of 14 mpg in city driving. Probably because of the differences in fuel economy, Ford sold 19,832 Escape models in October vs. 2,943 Expeditions. The 2013 Ford Escape, which debuted in November 2011, is slightly longer and wider than previous versions and has a stronger engine.

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